Status: Idea, 2016
Location: Holte, Denmark
Client: Gl Holtegård

The fascination of the Baroque gazebo that serves as an open space in close dialogue with its sorroundings has been supporting the development of the project. The horizon and the space is related and the pavilion appears extrovert and welcoming. When the garden guests move around the garden, they can freely pass through the pavilion which serves as a new gathering place and stage.

Baroque garden art is an expression of the discovery of the horizontal open space as a key player in the spatial hierarchy. Plateaus inscribes the horizon through the vistas and axes to distant landscapes.

The outer narrative of this pavilion is based on a more contemporary view of nature, where hierarchy is dissolved – the park’s whole is broken and reproduced in changing reflections within the facade.

The highly reflective side of the facade element brings the garden into the pavilion like broken reflections seen through movement, whereas the matte side of the facade element gives the pavilion its silvery character.


An underlying kaleidoscope, hanging from the steel construction, brings the viewer into a world of wondrous reflections and patterns generated by a hexaonisk mirrored inside. The modern interpretation of baroque patterns greets the guests as they step on to the pavilion floor as complex reflections where the guest’s own physics is to draw the super-symmetric illustrations.

Taking stay in the pavilion offers the optical illusion of staging the audience in experiencing the marvel of kaleidoscopic effects, which draws attention to the baroque celebration of symmetry, as well as for the beginning distortion and deviation that dominated this period in history.


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