DEVE has been selected as one of the top 20 architectural talents of 2013 by Wallpaper*.

DEVE was selected as one of 2013′s top 20 young architectural talents in the world and is therefore part of the Wallpaper* Architects Directory 2013.


DEVE is a young architecture and design office based in Copenhagen, Denmark.  It was established by Helle Degn and Morten Vedelsbøl in 2007.  The structure of the company shifted in January of  2011, to become three distinct branches: DEVE Architecture ApS, DEVE Design ApS & DEVE Gallery ApS.

DEVE began as a symbiosis between an architectural office and an exhibition space specializing in architectonic artwork.  The architecture office works at every scale and stage of the design process, from product design to urban planning.  While the creation of expressive architectural forms is important, at DEVE. it is vital that the design process be grounded in context, social analysis, and sustainability.


The DEVE Gallery features graphics, sculpture, design projects, and installations related to architecture.  Exhibitions have involved both DEVE designers and outside artists, and this growing network of creative professionals has spawned a number of multidisciplinary collaborations that aim to expand the influence of architecture.

DEVE has participated as part of many competition teams since the office’s inception, and manages each time to contribute a high level of enthusiasm and creativity.  The cultivation of a diverse and creative studio environment has had a great deal of impact in that area, and it will continue to be part of DEVE’s future growth.

Both Helle Degn Vedelsbøl and Morten Vedelsbøl was included in the Academys Artist Society for the period 2013-2025.


DEVE was recently awarded the prestigious ‘Arkitekt Frits Schlegel og Hustru Fritze Schlegel F. Graaes Legat’ grant.
The motivation of the jury was as follows:

‘DEVE is one of many young Danish offices established in the 00’s by architect couple Helle Degn and Morten Vedelsbøl in 2007.

They carry out tasks with a strong Nordic approach, but with an international outlook. All together characterized by a dynamic, adaptable design, documenting a gifted sense for what is special about the place, function and the available living conditions.

The projects appear investigative and curious and are constantly pushing the limits of the traditional approach and the perception of architecture and space – herein lies the seeds of understanding their unique quality.

At the same time DEVE blend their creative work with other, more experimental fields which situates them in the interface between architecture and art. The practice demonstrates rare empathetic and engaged nature founded in the recognition that knowledge is the driving force for constant renewal.’