Stenlille School Extension

Status: Idea 2010, 2nd Place in Competition
Location: Stenlille, Denmark
Client: Sorø Kommune

The competition brief for this addition to an elementary school in Stenlille, Denmark included nine classrooms, two laboratories, and additional communal space. The new facitilies in this scheme, are arranged around a terraced courtyard. The classrooms each require direct access to the outside, which proves challenging, due to the streep incline of the site. However, by dividing the classrooms into clusters, the building can effectively flow down the slope without the interior spaces becoming inaccessble.


The multiple floor levels help break down the scale of the main social space, and they also make it possible to have a small inhabitable stair for presentations and other gatherings. Because of a strict budget and area requirements, it was important to consolidate the storage and utility spaces.




These areas effectively buffer the classrooms from the noise of the common area, where there will be different activities, but also help activate the space by providing spaces for exhibition and studying.

Because this particular school places extra focus on the sciences, the Natural science laboratory includes access to a variety of interactive sustainability features. The courtyard includes terraces that collect and filter rain water. There are also miniature windmills and solar panels on the roof that are all monitored through the laboratory.

Besides these interactive features, the building includes high performance insulation and windows, and an efficient airflow system. All of these elements combine to achieve 25% energy savings, compared to a typical school.