Näsby villa

Status: Pending Sketch Project
Location: Näsby, Sweden
Client: Private

With the Näsby Park project a number of energy efficient building solutions and components are tested in order to develop a unique typology for the Skjærgården outside of Stockholm.
The building is placed in the transition from land to water and exchange both inside and outside between the characteristic, rocky landscape and its relation to the water.

The house can be seen as an inhabited jetty, where the movement from land to water passed through as the central flow withn the house itself. The three-storey stairwell acts as a naturally ventilated ‘heart’ that utilizes the cold surface air of the water to regulated the entire house.

All materials in the house are defined by stringent energy requirements with solar cells and wind turbines incorporated into the architecture.
The villa will serve as a prototype and thereby test case for a larger cluster of energy houses on one of the islands in the Skjærgården area.

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